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          Invitation/See you in Beijing CIMT2019



          CIMT? 2019

          The 16th China International Machine Tool Show


          April? 15-20th, 2019

          China? International? Exhibition? Center(Nwe? Venue), Beijing

          SKY? MASTER? booth? number:E3-B116

          SKY MASTER? will? attend? the ?16th ?CIMT? International? Machine? Tool? Exhibition? from ?April 15? to? 20th, 2019. ?In? this? exhibition,? the? popular ?VF108 ?Vertical ?High ?Speed ?Machine? and? VF1615A?? Double-column?? High? Speed? Machine? will? be? presented, ?which? can? fully? demonstrate? the? excellent? performance ?in? high ?speed,? high? intelligence,? high? precision? and? high ?efficiency,? as? well? as ?the ?deep ?integration ?of? digital,? information? and? online ?Waiting ?for? your ?arrival!

          Booth number:E3-B116

          We are looking forward to your arrival!


          Exhibition machine:VF108


          Display part: Fine-needle

          FANUC?? 0i?? MF(15″ screeb);

          Spindle max. speed: 15000rpm HSK-A63

          Intelligent spindle compensation

          Exhibition machine:VF1615A


          Display part: Lamp module for automobile

          M800W(19″ touch type screen)

          Spindle max. speed: Built-in spindle 24000rpm HSK-A63

          Three axes stroke :1600*1300*700

          Intelligent spindle compensation

          For more details, Welcome to our booth E3-B116

          Hall plan:


          Company Profile:

          SKY MATER is specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality CNC machine tools. The new brand “SKY MASTER – Kraft” was established by the comprehensive strategic cooperation with our Germany partner KRAFT. Our products include five-axis machining center, high-speed machining center, double-column machining center and vertical machining center. All series of products have been approved by TUV/CE certificate and National Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.6

          Advanced machining, manufacturing and inspection ensure high quality products. Under the framework if self-developed management system,? the information systems such as ERP/PLM/MES/WMS/OA? are? introduced to interconnect data, operate efficiently and feedback in real time. At the same time, a large number of investments on research and?inspection equipments are made to ensure a high accuracy and stable quality on each machines.

          We have rich experience of application solutions in high precision die mold and parts processing, and have mature processing experience in aerospace, military, automotive, medical industries. Our professional service team in all over the world keeps close contact with our clients and supply technical support at any time. Take “Upright integrity,Excellent operation and High quality” as our managenment concept to produce each machine with our full heart, we are looking forwad in achiecving progress with you in the field of CNC machine tool.

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