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          VM3225B技術特點 [VM3225BTechnical Featur]

          Equipped with American SETCO brand BBT50 spindle with direct driving, the maximum spindle speed is 10,000 rpm.

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          Equipped with 70bar CTS equipment, coolant can be easily conveyed to the cutting parts of workpieces and cutting tools to drain chips quickly, which can improve the machining efficiency and service life of cutting tools.

          X axis is a combination of four guide ways, Y-axis is a unique ladder layout design with three guide ways, and the Z-axis is a combination of two guide ways with six sliders, which ensures the stability of accuracy of each axis and rigidity.

          1 (3)

          The pneumatic and lubricating pumping stations are centrally arranged in front of the machine tool for easy observation and maintenance.

          1 (4)

          Equipped with Japanese LUBE brand grease lubrication system for saving energy and protecting environment.1 (5)??????配置多向銑頭及旋轉頭倉擴展了機床的加工能力,實現工件各種角度的銑削;
          Equipped with multi-direction milling head and rotatable head storage to expand the machining ability and realize milling multi-direction milling.

          Equipped with Renishaw Tool Setting Instrument and Workpiece Measuring Instrument, which can detect tool breakage and workpiece accuracy in real time and improve the machining efficiency.1 (6)

          Equipped with fully enclosed sheet metal shield, which provides customers with an all-round safe and clean operation space.2配置四個螺旋排屑器外加一個鏈板排屑器,智能自動清除切屑。
          Equipped with 4 coil chip conveyor and 1 chain chip conveyor to remove? the chips smartly and automatically

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